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CRI is a specialized company that creates and designs pen tips for the leading writing instrument brands of the world. From the very first classic pen tip it created way back in 1992, to the ultra-modern ones it innovates today, CRI has always stood as the exemplar of unmatched perfection, and unrivalled precision. Drawing inspiration from Nature’s simple yet stunning principles of perfection, and mankind’s fascinating yet feasible prototypes of excellence, the company has always maintained its benchmark in quality while consistently breaking new grounds in its domain. No wonder, CRI today stands as the first and only pen tip manufacturing company in India to be awarded the highly prized ISO 9001-2000 Certification.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, CRI’s expert service team will always be at hand to provide you with all necessary assistance and help you find practical solutions to every requirement. In addition to the development of innovative and cost-effective products, CRI also collaborates extensively with customers, creating an impressive array of wholly customised solutions, tailored to meet specific needs.

A Company built on the vision and values of perfection; a team whose pride, passion and perseverance are devoted to the quest for precision. That is, precisely what makes CRI the institution it is today.


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To be a technology driven company that gives shape to the client’s imagination through Precision,

Perfection and Innovation.

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Create a stimulating workplace so that the employees are inspired to be the best they can be. 
Produce a wide range of state-of-the-art tips. 
Enhance efficiency by being a lean and fast-moving organisation. 
Maximize long-term return to shareowners. 
Be a responsible citizen by helping build and support sustainable communities. 



“The Epitome of Excellence”


CRI is a company whose core values are aimed at developing a customer-focused, high-performance organisation that creates value for all its stakeholders. Restless in novelty for perfection, innovation and accomplishment is what defines the vision of this company. Manufacturing products that offer value for money, which are differentiated, and deliver safe and effective solutions whilst employing the highest

standards of consumer friendliness, technical superiority and business ethics. All this, while staying true to the environment and also giving back to the society at every given opportunity. Something that CRI TIPS has imbibed from this iconic company, in its 20 years journey in tip-making.


“The Proficiency of Efficiency”


Quality is at the heart of CRI. And commitment to it, is the company’s cornerstone. No wonder, it is reflected in every step involved in created each of its masterpieces. Right from material sourcing to testing, from innovating to designing, from processing to packaging, we ensure the highest standards of quality using sophisticated control mechanisms. Samples are tested at every stage of the manufacturing process, to ensure consistency and the ultimate writing experience. These testing procedures are applied both in-line and at random, in accordance with international standards.

The tips, after final control checks, are shipped in strong, robust and highly secure packages. The packages carry all the relevant information including the type of product, traceable batch numbers and precise quantities. A mark of authenticity, along with the CRI logo, is also included for quality assurance.

At CRI, we promise our clients an uncompromising guarantee of authenticity. Which is why, we constantly review our quality control procedures and use the latest available technology to ensure total reliability and absolute technological superiority. Our approach is wholly customer-focussed, and that’s based on a consistent portfolio strategy and dedication to quality; aspects of business that epitomise the legacy of our parent group.

Awards & Accolades


CRI is one of the most successful international pen tips producers. Over the past years the company has been recognized with various industry leaden innovator and industry benchmark.




“The Craft of Precision”


CRI believes that its success over the years is based on its relentless pursuit for the best blend of man’s inbred passion for perfection and technology’s evolution in achieving precision. That, combining innovative ideas with the most advanced production processes creates a product that’s not only commands superiority, but also has substance.

Driven by a team of highly skilled engineers, CRI ensures excellent quality of products, prompt and efficient order management and unmatched service. Monitoring procedures carried out by the technical staff and quality control measures, deeply entrenched in the production process, further ensure that the tips produced are of the highest quality and perform to the prescribed specifications.

The Company operates from two state-of-the-art production facilities, one at Ahmedabad: a purpose-built facility, and the other at Kolkata: principal manufacturing base and head office; these locations were chosen for their excellent logistical position and the availability of skilled staff. Equipped with Swiss-engineered rotary transfer machines, the production facilities employ the latest technologies and highly coveted craftsmanship, ensuring that every pen tip that is manufactured is no less than the best, while also staying true to CRI’s commitment towards environment conservation.

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At CRI Limited we promote growth with teamwork and encourage employees to develop their skills to bring in efficiency and effectiveness at workplace and more importantly enjoy their job responsibilities so as to enable them to have significant growth through the career hierarchy.

We aim towards retaining the best of the Talents and ensure to maintain a Family environment where the Employees are Happy and Motivated.

Our work environment, promotes team spirit, share ideas, set our own goals to achieve personal and professional excellence.

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic, self-driven resources to join our team.

HR Policies: The HR Policies of CRI Limited is guided by transparent and measurable Human Resource Management with a system of open communication, accountability and team building.

Learning & Development initiative: CRI Limited constantly encourages on job learning and provides the employees with multiple opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge in classrooms through interactive sessions.

Rewards & Recognition: CRI Management encourages the employees at all levels to surpass their best performance through various Recognition schemes.

Employee Welfare: At CRI Limited in the endeavour to build enriched life for our employees the following Welfare activities are conducted: a) Health check-up Camps b) Wellness Camps & talk sessions promoting ‘Healthy Living’.

Employee Engagement initiatives: CRI promotes Fun@ workplace through organizing Annual Picnic which enhances fellowship at all levels across all functions.


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Tel. : +91 33 6622 3000, Fax : +91 33 2435 6494 E-mail : info@critips.com


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